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Our services

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    UX & UI Design

    We immerse ourselves in your brand, pairing your data with our know-how to design elegant, intuitive user experiences that guide customers along their buying journey and drive conversions.

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    Web Development

    We develop high-performance, accessible ecommerce websites and web apps. Our extensive knowledge of the Shopify platform allows us to set you up quickly with the tools you need to scale.

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    Strategy & Support

    Whether it’s supporting you with your marketing strategy, auditing your SEO or identifying CRO opportunities, we’re on hand to help and advise.

Marianne Ferguson, Founder at Ultrafine
Marianne Ferguson, Founder at Ultrafine (LinkedIn)

We're digital experts who have worked with some of the world's most exciting brands, from prestigious luxury fashion houses in London and New York to high-growth ecommerce start-ups.

Our expertise in design and cutting-edge web technologies, paired with our drive for quality and creating genuine value for our clients, allow us to build digital solutions that are both creative and fundamentally practical.

Thanks to our own backgrounds in business, marketing and customer experience, our clients often look to us for advice across their business. We aim to fit seamlessly into projects, providing insights and solutions where we are needed.

We’re committed to partnering with brands whose values we connect with and for whom we feel we can provide meaningful and measurable impact.

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  • Mock-ups of Parfait project on MacBook and iPhone

    September 2022

    “Marianne single-handedly executed what a large team couldn’t but in a fraction of the time. Every output she delivered wowed every single member of our team.”

  • Mock-ups of VNV project on MacBook and iPhone

    March 2022

    “Marianne is a force - the kind of woman you have on your team and are grateful for every day.”

  • Mock-ups of Dermalution project on MacBook and iPhone

    “Marianne did a great job capturing the web design of our needs. She's provided us with great material and has been very easy to communicate with.”


In the press

“What I love most about the Parfait web experience is how seamless it is to navigate the pages. [...] From start to end, Parfait’s experience is rooted in luxury.”

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