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Leveraging AI to create high-end, easy-install wigs that are perfectly tailored to every customer.

Parfait, backed by Serena Ventures, reached out to us to enhance their online store and drive conversions. Thanks to our in-depth research, we were able to design and build a multi-step product customization experience that allows complex personalizations in a simple, fluid way. We also designed and developed a custom header menu with mega menu functionality, the Parfait blog and other custom sections to help inform and reassure users while guiding them seamlessly through their buyer journey.

“Marianne single-handedly executed what a large team couldn’t but in a fraction of the time. Every output she delivered wowed every single member of our team.”

Project(s)Shopify Redesign: Product Customizer, Navigation, Blog and other Custom Sections
ServicesDesign, development and strategy
Tech & ToolsReact with TypeScript, Tailwind

Homepage and Navigation

Screenshot of Homepage and Navigation design for Parfait

Customizer Landing

Screenshot of Customizer Landing design for Parfait

Customizer Option

Screenshot of Customizer Option design for Parfait

Customizer Summary

Screenshot of Customizer Summary design for Parfait

Client testimonial

Marianne has been an absolute godsend in her role as a Design & Development contractor for us at Parfait Tailored Hair. Prior to finding Marianne, we employed development and design teams of 6-10 people who just couldn’t execute our vision for our website. Marianne on the other hand, not only elevated the vision for our website, she single-handedly executed what a large team couldn’t but in a fraction of the time.

She went above and beyond in any project she was given. Every output she delivered wowed every single member of our team. She took the time to pour through every piece of data we had, to the point that she understood our user as well as we did and was able to craft solutions that were tailored specifically to what our customers needed.

Another thing that stands out about Marianne is that she is honest, which is rare when dealing with outside contractors on development work. I’ve dealt with freelance developers in the past who quote an obscene amount of hours for relatively simple tasks. That was never the case with Marianne. I can always trust that she’ll complete a scope of work on time, if not faster than estimated. I trust any decisions she makes in terms of tradeoffs for a scope of work. If she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll be upfront about it—and she’ll still end up figuring it out anyway.

Thanks to Marianne, our website experience has significantly improved, our team knows Shopify better than we ever did, and we have a detailed SEO roadmap that is way better than any that have been produced for us.

I can’t recommend Marianne highly enough! Our team will definitely be leveraging her services again in the very near future.

― Ibraheem Y. Khadar, Head of Product Management and Customer Support at Parfait Tailored Hair

Marianne Ferguson, Founder at Ultrafine